Bengalen Vamavarti Dattatreya Blowing Shankh - Conch Shell - Special Significance in puja Ritual

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  • This is original Shankh, the “True Conch”. It is a Gastropod shell which is a sacred chank, used in worship in most of religions.
  • This Shankh's length is 6 inches. The weight is 400 grams.
  • Every Shankh is tested for Quality and blowing and is certified as the True Conch found from the Indian Ocean by the Quality Control department.
  • This shankh is blown during puja. This type of blowing shankh has special significance in puja rituals.
  • According to 'Varaha Puran' one should open the door of the temple only after blowing the shankh. For any queries, you may please send a message to us at Amazon. For any queries regarding the product, you may please ask us a question, or send us a message.

The sound produced by blowing shankh is called shankhnaad. These days, shankh is blown at the time of worship in Hindu temples and homes. Shankhs are blown during the ritual of the Hindu aarti, puja, havan etc. when the light is offered to the deities. The shankhs are also used to bathe statues of deities, especially Vishnu, and for ritual purification.

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