Bengalen Lakshmi Ganesha Saraswati Idol Showpiece Statues

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  • Exotic Decoration Use The Statue To Bring A Touch Of Indian Culture To Your Décor
  • Ideally Sized Measures Length: 24 Cm,Width:6 Cm,Height:12 Cm And Weight 540 Grams
  • Traditional Design Very Appealing And Eye Catching As A Home Decor Item
  • This statue is Made of Fine material with Durable & Long Lasting Colors. Color may vary lot-wise. 

This is a beautiful, unique & gorgeous handwork on the solid metal figure of Hindu gods Laxmi Ganesh Saraswati. Bless your place and heighten the beauty and spirituality of your house or workplace with this Handmade God Ganesha Sculpture. Ganesha is the remover of obstacles, the deity whom worshipers first acknowledge when they visit a temple. He is worshipped for success (siddhi) in undertakings and intelligence (buddhi). He is worshipped before any venture is started. He is also the God of education, knowledge and wisdom, literature, and fine arts. Ganesha is the legendary scribe who, using his broken tusk, which he often holds, wrote down parts of the Mahabharata epic. This Handmade Gods Sculpture is fully artisan crafted in India, making it a truly authentic figurine. This Handmade God Ganesha Sculpture is designed in brass using sand casting technique and has a golden color to it. Place this calm art piece in your living room for an effervescence beauty or gift it to your loved ones before he/she enters a new phase in life.

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