Vastu Shastra has some rules about the position of seven-horse paintings and pictures; some paintings induce positive energy when they are placed in the right direction. When we talk about paintings that bring a positive vibe, horses, especially galloping horses, strike in the mind. 

Seven horse paintings are a symbol of success, strength, progress, peace, and prosperity. Beautifying a place with a seven-horse painting is the best way to draw positive energy into your home. The seven-horse painting with the sun in the background has a great significance in Vastu. They are a true symbol of power, courage, strength, peace, stability, and loyalty and are believed to increase positivity in all aspects of one’s life.

Horses are the animals that are found auspicious in Vastu Shastra. Hang seven horses painting to have a positive influence on various aspects of one’s life. Running horses are also considered for speed and growth in your life. Moreover, the number seven is considered auspicious. So, adding seven horses painting in the right direction of your home will help in boosting one’s efforts, resulting in positive outcomes and maintaining peace in your life, as per Vastu Shastra.

It is very important to consider the seven-horse painting Vastu direction - be it your living room, bedroom, office, or home office. As per Vastu Shastra, the South is one of the best seven horses painting direction in a home. The South direction is connected with success and fame, which is why one should prefer to position the 7 horses painting on the wall in the South.

Benefits of keeping seven-horse painting:

  1. Running seven-horse paintings are a symbol of speed.  One should hang it on the wall which is in the east of your home, office where you wish to bring in advancement and progression in the activity. 
  2. Vasta Shastra also implies that a seven-horse painting in your home assures monetary and peaceful dependability in your life. 
  3. As per Feng Shui as well, horses are a symbol of speed, valour, and perseverance. The creation of eight running ponies is meant to welcome good fortunes, peace, and riches in the home. Eight horses mean eight yearnings of life such as Career, Marriage, Health, Children, Personal Development, Recognition, Education, and Happiness.

Tips to place seven running horse paintings in your home:

  1. One should make sure to pick a painting wherein the faces of the horses have peaceful expressions. You should purchase an aggressive seven horse painting for your home
  2.  It is suggested to go for the white color of seven horses paintings while investing in 7 running horses painting. The white color is meant to invite peace, success, growth, peace, and prosperity. If you are buying one for your home or your office, white is the best color option for you.
  3. Do not hang the seven-horse painting in other directions because the wrong direction of the painting might leave a bad impact on your life and your office.  One should be careful and place it in the direction as per the Vastu. 
  4. One should be particular about picking the 7 horse painting for your place in the background. One should never go for the background that shows dust, storms, turmoil, sunset, or any other disturbing or negative weather condition. 
  5. One shouldn’t place the painting of seven running horses in your bedroom, study room, puja room. Avoid hanging it in the places close to the bathroom or toilet or dishwasher area.
  6. The seven-horse painting in the painting must be running in symmetry, in a straight line without a hurdle. It should be shown running in open ground, not on the water or the lake.
  7. Do not invest in a picture with a single running horse because it is considered inauspicious and brings a bad omen, and doesn’t let the good fortune enter your abode. One should make sure to select a picture that has an odd number of horses.
  8. Ensuring that the painting does not portray an incomplete picture of the horses.
  9. One should consider buying a seven-horse painting with a red background if you are struggling with your self-esteem and peace. It will help in boosting self-esteem since the painting with a red background influences planet Mars.
  10. Choose the seven-horse painting in blue to invite harmony and peace since the color blue represents planet Saturn.
  11. The medium for the seven-horse painting must be strong and Vastu-friendly such as wood.  One must avoid choosing paper as a medium for the painting.
  12. Decorating your home with seven running horses painting helps in providing financial stability and health to you, as per Vastu Shastra. It is said that this painting brings the blessings of goddess Lakshmi to your home.

Astrological significance of the painting based on the colour:

  • A white-coloured horse is a symbol of Planet Moon
  • A Blue-coloured horse is a symbol of Planet Saturn
  • A Gray-colored horse is a symbol of Planet Rahu/Ketu
  • An Orange-coloured horse is a symbol of Planet Sun

1. Which colour horse painting is good for home?

According to Vastu Shatra, one should choose a painting of seven white horses. The color white signifies peace and purity and helps attract positive vibes.

2. Where do you keep the seven-horse picture in the office?

To attract growth and prosperity, one can place the seven-horse painting on the south wall in the office. Make sure the painting faces inside the office.

3. Where do you keep the seven-horse picture in the office?

It is advised to place the seven-horse painting on the South wall in your office. While allotting it a placement, make sure the faces of the horses are on the inside of the office.

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